“Boywatch” Bob’s Burgers S8 E17

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 17
Grade: B-

For a show about a beach town, Bob’s Burgers spends very little time in the surf. Hot boys forcing Tina out of her comfort zone is probably as good an excuse as any to let her stubbornness win the day. The photo at the end was strangely endearing.

The b-plot with free wifi and the cyber thief, in contrast, was largely lifeless. It started to be good for business, so of course it had to go. The show punishes the Belchers with no internet to boot.

The Family Jowls
Cosmetic Surgery

Big Little Flies
Pest Control

Portabello The Belt Burger Burger
Walk this Waoli Burger (comes with wasabi aioli)

Random Observations:
• Kidstrappedsendhelp
• “It’s weird that this is how they choose the prime minister.”
• “All the water.”