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Heavy Side Up Weekly Discussion

Hey Avocadians, welcome to another Heavy Side Up!

Collapse of LightEach Failing Step

An international collaborative act from Europe, Collapse of Light play a melodic – and very melancholy – brand of blackened doom metal. A rich journey filled with methodically crafted and crushing pieces of music oozing with sorrow, it’s that rare debut album from a band with a remarkably firm grasp on their sound.

The Ever LivingHerephemine

Hailing from London, this quintet describe themselves as “cinematic post-metal,” and it’s a very apt summary of their sound. Their captivating debut album is as impressive as it is epic, juxtaposing some thunderous post-metal with doom-inspired undertones against a lush backdrop of serene ambience.

Respire – Dénouement

The sophomore album from Toronto’s Respire was conceived as a cathartic act of finding hope in trauma, and the end result is something to behold. The band plays a symphonic style of blackgaze ripe with elements of both post-hardcore and post-metal, and it’s certainly an interesting combination, but what truly makes this album great is the raw emotion reverberating through every note.

Curse League – Laying by the Fire in Good Company

The debut album from this Washington-based band could best be described as “math punk,” though there’s also a notable influence of early 90s-era emo (and, to a lesser extent, some late 90s-era post-hardcore). Bouncy, fun and energetic, you can file this one under “feel-good albums of the year.”

This week I’ve decided to highlight some new EPs, as they often wind up overlooked in favour of the albums.

Dead CrossDead Cross EP

A surprise release from the Mike Patton-fronted hardcore/thrash metal band, this EP only features two new tracks (and a couple of remixes), but they’re both solid, and it’s always enjoyable hearing Patton bring his signature weirdness to a genre he’s rarely dabbled in before.

EyesEyes EP

Another debut release, and one that suggests a promising future for this Copenhagen-based four piece band. They play an utterly ferocious take on blackened hardcore that just doesn’t let up at any point. This is definitely an act to watch out for!

Artists who released new albums this week:

Groove metal band 3 Minutes to Live, heavy metal band VII, Costa Rican technical death metal band Advent of Bedlam, Swedish metalcore band Agonize the Serpent, French progressive metal band Anasazi, Spanish thrash metal band Angelus Apatrida, German one-man blackened death metal act annihilism, Hungarian black metal band Aornos, sludge metal band Archelon, Australian groove metal band The Ascended, German death metal band Bloodland, English stoner/drone/doom metal band Bong, southern metal band Burning Sunday, black metal band Cabra, Russian thrash/death metal band Concrete Age, thrash/death metal band Crushing the Deceiver, British death metal band Deathflux, Australian death metal band Depravity, stoner/doom metal band Desert Altar, Norwegian symphonic black metal giants Dimmu Borgir, German death metal band Doomentor, British black metal band Dwarrowdelf, Israeli post-metal artist Elad Zalman, international collaborative progressive metal act Evans and Stokes, Ukranian depressive black metal band Ezkaton, Italian metalcore band Facing the Oracle, Finnish industrial melodic death metal band Fear of Domination, Star Wars-themed instrumental metal band Galactic Empire, progressive metal band Golgatha, British doom/sludge metal band Grave Lines, stoner metal band Green Altar, Peruvian power metal band Hamadria, German melodic death metal band Grailknights, Russian avant-garde metal band Harmony in Grotesque, Swedish hard rock band Heartwind, black metal band Ignis Noctem, Norwegian black metal artist Ihsahn, thrash metal band Intent, German speed metal band Iron Angel, Spanish metalcore band Juliette is Back, metalcore band Letters to a Liar, Swedish death metal band Lik, metalcore band LindaMar, Canadian heavy metal band Manacle, German thrash metal band Mission in Black, Japanese death metal band Myocardial Infarction, Hungarian metalcore band Nice One Babe, Filipino black metal band Omen Filth, German gothic metal band Paradision, Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive, Swedish symphonic power metal band QFT, German industrial metal band Rabia Sorda, German stoner/hard rock band Radio Haze, Belarusian black metal duo Raven Throne, Ukranian death metal band Rawrror, Australian hard rock band Red Bee, French melodic death metal band Scarlet Mass, hard rock band Shinedown, French heavy metal band Silvertrain, Hungarian symphonic power metal band Tales of Evening, Croatian pagan black metal band Their, Austrian black/death metal band Theotoxin, sludge metal band Thou, British thrash metal band Thrashist Regime, Hungarian avant-garde metal act Thy Catafalque, British stoner rock band Trevor’s Head, Australian experimental noise rock band Tropical Fuck Storm, black metal supergroup Twilight, Finnish black metal band Uhrilahja, Spanish metalcore band Vanagloria, Hungarian death metal band Verilun, metalcore band Violence in Ascension, Indonesian thrash metal band Wartrax, blackened sludge metal band Wolvhammer, metalcore band The Word Alive, Spanish heavy/power metal band Worth, grindcore band Woundvac.

Artists who released new EPs this week:

Belgian metalcore band Access Unlocked, post-hardcore band Ascendence, doom/sludge metal band Boghaunter, Polish black metal band Dagorath, French death metal band Human Worms, German black metal band Kältetod, alternative metalcore band Lucid City, Australian death metal band Nescient, Australian progressive metalcore band Pridelands, post-hardcore/metalcore band Saving Vice, Canadian hardcore band Stepping Stone.

A City Safe From SeaThrow Me Through Walls

Released in 2010, Throw Me Through Walls is both the first and last album from the now-defunct Boston band, though it remains one of my favourite Bandcamp discoveries to this day. A unique blend of post-hardcore, noise rock and math rock with some more unconventional instruments thrown into the mix, this album defies description, but is an absolute must-listen.

What are some of your favourite debut albums?