Well, whaddya know? It’s a Dexter Jettster Night Thread

Hey there, old buddies. Take a seat, I’ll be right with ya….

dex time 1
So, my friends. What can I do for ya? Would you like a cup of java juice?

dex diner
Yes, he’s Dexter Jettster, who goes way back with Obi-Wan Kenobi, knows all about cloners (especially the damn good ones), and probably makes a hell of a good space Monte Cristo.

dex meme 1
The world needs more Dexter Jettster. We need to know more about his bromance with Obi-Wan Kenobi. We need Dex’s Kitchen: A Star Wars Story, in which he’s a cigar-chomping soldier fighting alongside Obi who is able to hack his enemies apart using four kitchen blades at once.

dex 0
Kidding aside, I’ve always had a soft spot for Dex. He was one of the first Star Wars toys I ever got, and I kinda like what his presence adds to Kenobi as a character. In the prequels, the majority of the other Jedi are stiff and by the book when it comes to rules. Kenobi’s relationship with Dex shows another side of him, a more outgoing side, a man who’s willing to enjoy himself despite being a part of an ancient religious order. Dex is also the polar opposite of a Jedi (though his species would eventually show up as an insane Jedi master on Star Wars: The Clone Wars), and Obi-Wan’s complete comfort around him shows that he’s capable of reaching outside of the Jedi Council. Kenobi is sarcastic, easily annoyed, and enjoys a good drink even when on duty. I can see him and Dex getting along quite well back in the day, and I love that it took five Star Wars flicks for George Lucas to finally use the classic “I know a guy” action movie trope.

So, happy early Star Wars Day, Avocados! But be careful to keep your manners good, and your pocketbook big…