Redundant Reminder: Steven Universe to Air Half-Hour Special on May 7th

For those who watched the latest batch of episodes a month prior before they officially aired these past weeks, Steven Universe will air two episodes that were not available through the CN app at the time, before gracefully receding into the unknowable void of Cartoon Networks erratic release schedule.

As always, I will create a discussion page for the episodes roughly fifteen minutes after they air, which should be around 5:15 pm EST and 8:15 pm PST, with LibraryLass taking over the next episode (or pair of episodes if they air the same date).


Cartoon Network apparently let slip a clip of what is to be believed of the season finale, which contains a big ol’ spoiler. So summon your shield and be on the look out if you don’t wish your surprise to ruined like how Steven ruined Peridots when he let slipped that Pierre betrayed Percy in Season four of Camp Pining Hearts.