Riverdale S2 E20 “Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt” Liveblog


Last time on Fuck You Riverdale:

RIP Midge. You deserved so much better. Whyyyyyyyyyy

Turns out Chic Franco isn’t Betty’s brother which isn’t that surprising to be honest. But also turns out he isn’t the Black Hood, which is surprising.

Allegedly, Betty’s actual bro was turned away by Mama Cooper and then he OD’d on Jingle Jangle(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

but then it turns out that chic probaly killed him in a bout of rage

Betty sicks The Black Hood on Chic, and I’m sure this won’t come back to bite her on the ass. Also HAL IS MORE THAN LIKELY THE BLACK HOOD


oh and Archie got kidnapped by that rapist dude who then got oustsmarted by Veronica via Roofies. Archie was very understanding about Hiram not doing shit to save him because he doesn’t comply to terroistic demands from teenagers apperantly