1975 Snubby Awards: The Voting

I think most of us would agree 1975’s a year the Academy mostly got it right. It’s tough to argue anything else belongs in the killer Best Picture slate of Barry Lyndon/Dog Day Afternoon/Jaws/Nashville/One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. But apart from that Best Picture nod, Jaws was criminally overlooked elsewhere, as were a few other great performances.

As always, these are the top-five vote-getters from last week. Upvote as many as you think are deserving, but do not add any more suggestions. There’ll be time for that next week when we go back to 1974. Top upvote-getters in each category will receive a gold statue of Spike Lee.

Also, two notes about 1975’s awards. For the second year in a row, there is no Best Voicework award, as there were no animated features of note. We also have a Snubbies first — Jaws was the only film that got the requisite 3 votes in Best Stuntwork, so will be our only nomination, and our unchallenged winner. The remaining categories are listed below, for your voting pleasure: