Jeopardy! recap for Tue., May 1

Jeopardy! recap for Tue., May 1 – Today’s contestants are:

– Geoff, an epidemiologist from Centennial, CO, who has a dog that unlike his namesake, Omar from The Wire, has it easy;
– Jan, an air traffic controller from Warwick, RI, who three cats and three dogs, all pampered; and
– Osman, a student from Jamesville, NY, who was detained in an airport over a chicken sandwich. Osman is a one-day champ with winnings of $33,333.

Osman didn’t seem quite as sharp as in his previous game, but did a great job of shopping for DDs, finding both in DJ to move from third to first and lead the way into FJ with $13,900 vs. $13,600 for Geoff and $9,800 for Jan.

DD1 – I’LL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT – You actively impeded the investigation by giving the FBI false info! That’s this 3-word crime and a very, very big deal (Geoff lost $2,000)

DD2 – SCIENCE FRICTION – In a 19th c. spat in this field, O.C. Marsh won a round when it turned out E.D. Cope had put an elasmosauras skull on the tail (Osman won $2,800 on a true DD.)

DD3 – WE’RE AN AMERICAN LAND – Annexed in 1867, this island may be only 2 square miles but a 1942 battle there proved to be a key moment in the Pacific in WWII (Osman won $5,500)

FJ – FASHION BRANDS – Translated from Roman numerals, “55” appears in luggage & watch product names from a company founded by this man

The players didn’t seem to think the FJ clue all the way through as everyone missed, so the wagering would be decisive here.

Jan gave up her chance at the Triple Stumper win by betting $7,000, which cost her the game as she dropped to $2,800. Geoff made the logical wager of $6,001 to beat a possible double-up by Jan and fell to $7,599, good for the win when Osman’s $9,000 bet was revealed.

Not sure what Osman was trying to accomplish with his bet, as it wasn’t enough to cover twice of Geoff’s score, and also wouldn’t keep him ahead of Geoff if they both missed and Geoff made his most likely wager. If Osman suspected that Geoff wouldn’t bet it all, Osman should have wagered in the $6,000 range, which would have beaten Geoff if both were correct or both missed.

Triple Stumper of the day: No one knew that one could be sent back to a state from which they fled due to the extradition clause.

That’s before our time: In the “World Music Grammys” category, the inclusion of the hint “not ’66” didn’t lead the players to Sergio Mendes.

This day in Trebekistan: Alex added a new impression to his repertoire: The Commodores.

Correct Qs:

DD1 – What is obstruction of justice?
DD2 – What is paleontology?
DD3 – What is Midway?
FJ – What is Louis Vuitton? (The Roman numeral for 55 is LV).