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The Monday Politics Thread Gets Serious For Once

It’s come up several times lately so I think it’s time we had a moment to talk about fat-shaming and why it’s not okay here. It’s easy and sometimes satisfying to talk about Trump in terms of his physical inadequacies, but he’s not the only overweight person in the world and when you start talking badly about one it can hurt everyone. For the sake of not throwing people under the bus who haven’t said and done the awful things Trump has it’s not okay to make fun of his or any other pieces of human garbage in his entourage for their weight. Yes, there are worse prejudices in the world than being mocked for your weight, but that doesn’t make it okay either and it isn’t something we’re going to tolerate here. There are so many things to take these people to task on: the things they say, the things they do, the things they allow with inaction and the things they dogwhistle for. Things like personal appearance and especially weight are neither innovative nor productive things to complain about and in the end hurt more of your friends than your enemies.

So I mean it extra hard today when I say be kind to your fellow Avocados, flag for rule breaking or just grab your friendly neighborhood mod and don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel!