“OreTron Trail” American Dad! S15 E12

American Dad! Season 15 Episode 12
OreTron Trail
Grade: A

Roger revealing a second family made sense, as with all his identities and the apparent time turner he has to live out all those lives at once, that’s hardly novel, but this one being real gave the impact that earned the ‘one year later’ bit. The montage of Roger switching out motorcycles after crashes got a solid laugh out of me. The ‘time skip’ also gave the novelty of longevity to the intricacies of Klaus’s madness and that of the family.

Roger’s fear of outliving the family being defeated in the most horrible way possible- unleashing a Roger desensitized to their deaths and eager to outlive them- was a great culmination of the episodes’s different parts, even if the ‘Tron’ bit felt a little flat to me. Roger avoiding all the attackers at the bar was an additional highlight.

Random Observations
• “Thanks again for adjusting the handle bars. Arms are still regenerating.”
“Of course. We get that all the time.”
• “I’ll know! But I won’t care!”