Scott OT #67: The barren lives of the Day Thread (4/29)

The cinema world was saddened last week to learn that influential Brazilian director Nelson Pereira dos Santos had passed away at age 89. He directed one of my favorite movies, Barren Lives.

Barren Lives follows a poor family in Northeast Brazil, an area noted for being nearly completely barren. They travel all over, looking for a better future but their surrounding eventually breaks their spirits.

(also, there’s an awesome dog in it)

Barren Lives was one of the big films of the Cinema Novo movement. The films of the Cinema Novo movement (Portuguese for New Cinema) focused on social inequality, a theme seen heavily in Barren Lives.

Barren Lives has received near universal acclaim. It’s considered by many to be among the greatest movies ever and regularly makes best Brazilian movies lists.

Hope you all have fun posting here today and have a great day (and rest in peace Nelson Pereira dos Santos).