Ash vs Evil Dead, S3, E10, The Mettle of Man

Well, that’s it. The series finale of our beloved Ash vs. Evil Dead. And it’s a pretty good send off, too. Not only do we get Kelly back, but Brandy fully brings herself into the fold as a Williams, becoming almost a mini-Ash with his penchant for one-liners and everything. Still, it’s a bummer that we’re not getting it back.

With that asshole Ruby out of the way, the Ghost Beaters just have a few things on their plate. First, get Kelly back from the rift. Second, dispose of all of the Deadites in their way. And third, kill Kandar, that giant monster that emerged once the Necronomicon was put back together by the Dark Ones. Since the National Guard has been called in, Pablo notices that the troops blasting the hell out of the giant demon is just making it stronger.


In a moment of sweetness during the episode, while Ash and Brandy are trying to make it to the cellar to bring back Kelly from the rift, he gives her Linda’s necklace. Apparently he’s been carrying it all these years and he wants her to have it. And then in a second moment of sweetness, when Pablo finally brings Kelly back from the rift, the two of them kiss. Poor Kelly complains that she looks like Keith Richards, but Brandy thinks she looks more like Iggy Pop. She’s Ash’s daughter, alright.


So the foursome haul ass to get away from Kandar, with Ash promising he won’t leave Brandy. But it’s a promise he soon breaks. He needs to face this problem head on, says goodbye to the Ghost Beaters and makes Kelly the leader, with Pablo as the Jefe, and hijacks a tank so he can shoot the Kandarian Dagger at the demon. And after it stalls for a minute, the demon grabs the tank and Ash manages to take the damn thing down.


Ash then is dragged out of the wreckage by someone wearing a Knights of Sumeria ring, and awakens in some orange box, his missing hand back in tact, and some odd woman who shows him that while shit’s pretty loco outside, at least his Delta is okay and pretty pimped out.


And unfortunately, that’s where they leave us. With Bruce Campbell saying that he’s retiring the character of Ash Williams, I’m guessing there’s no chance for a revival on another channel, if that was even a possibility. But dammit, I’m going to miss this show. It was something I looked forward to every week when it was on, and it was a pleasure reviewing this final season for you guys.