Fallout 4 Settlements

This discussion is dedicated to the crazy amount of creativity that the Settlements building tools in Fallout 4 inspires!  Here we Avocadoans can show off the stuff we’ve built and can ask for advice on building techniques!

Fallout 4_20170702034649.png

Dalton Farm

Note that many of these goodies are only available with DLC like Wasteland Workshop and Vault-Tec Workshop, as well as content within the Creation Club.

Fallout 4_20170926210032

Nuka-World Red Rocket

I’ve spent a ludicrous amount of time doing this stuff and I’m nowhere near professional-grade, so I’d love to see what you all are capable of creating.  As for me, I’d like to take this opportunity to show off my proudest creation: my Power Armor museum!

Fallout 4_20170708175412.png

Starlight Drive-In

Although, of course, not everything needs to serve a purpose.  I don’t know what I was going for here, but it was still fun to build…

Fallout 4_20170903223216.png

Sanctuary Hills

I also intended to build a video clip of my favorite settlements to post here, since pictures don’t always do justice.  Maybe I’ll get on that tonight and post it in the comments.

Now it’s your turn!  Show us what you got!