Star vs. the Forces of Evil: S3E20 & E21 “Divide” and “Conquer”

We should talk about the new Star episodes! They were so good!

I’ve been trying to tell you for months.

  • Globgore.
  • I love absolutely every fight scene.
  • It was wonderfully frightening seeing Eclipsa quietly whisper each spell she cast in that final fight.
  • Did Kelly finally get Tad out of her hair?
  • Always rely on TomCo™ brand special effects for all your dramatic pre-battle speeches!
  • Globgoooooore
  • Seriously, Glossaryck, you absolute Glossar-dick
  • You colossaldick
  • It’s like he was mystically required to be providing the wand’s bearer with useful information, but he wanted to give away as little as possible while still technically fulfilling the “cryptic guide” role until Eclipsa got the wand.
  • I’m gonna miss his old voice. But it can’t be helped. At least we get to hear the Flame King more now!