2018 Avocado Census: Survey

To fill out the census click this link.

Welcome one and all to 2018’s Avocado Census!

Like last years this census will run for 10 days. Once the results have been tabulated I will create an infographic that showcases the results in a way that’s more interesting than a simple pie chart. Or at least I hope. 

Unlike the 2017 Census this run has double the questions (20 vs 10) and on a whole they tend to be more serious than the one’s from last year. With returning questions I’ve added the option of ‘Other (please write)’ to get the most accurate response.

I’ve also allowed a majority (12/20) of the questions to be skippable. I know some people prefer their privacy and wanted to respect that. Still if you could answer as much questions as possible, it would give myself more data to work with when designing the infographic. The census results would also be a better representative of us Avocados. Speaking of privacy, the survey is completely anonymous and does not collect your IP address.

When the infographic is complete all the files and data from the census will be available for anyone to download. How’s that for transparency!

The questions are divided between 15 personal questions, 4 concerning the Avocado itself, and one joke question.

The questions are as follows:*

  1. What is your gender identity?
  2. How old are you?
  3. What is your sexual orientation?
  4. How many children, if any, do you have?
  5. What language(s) beside English can you speak?
  6. In what country do you currently reside?
  7. What is your primary racial identity?
  8. Please list any ethnic groups you identity with (Irish, Arab, Mayan, etc.).
  9. What is your religion?
  10. What is your current level of education?
  11. What is your current employment status?
  12. What is your average yearly income in US dollars?
  13. How would you describe your political affiliation?
  14. Have you participated in any of the following political/civic activities?
  15. Do you own a pet or pets and if so what kind of animal(s)?
  16. When did you first discover The Avocado?
  17. On what device do you primarily browse The Avocado?
  18. What are your top 3 favourite recurring threads in The Avocado?
  19. What is your favourite Avocado meme/cultural touchstone?
  20. Which do you prefer more: Star Wars or Star Trek?
* Questions that are underlined are mandatory.

To fill out the census click this link.

To view last year’s infographic and discussion click here.