Shoeless Trivia: Current Events

Stuff happens.

  1. Harry Anderson, who died this week, spent nine seasons playing judge Harry T. Stone and four seasons playing a fictionalized version of what humor columnist?
  2. SpaceX’s massive next generation launch vehicle, capable of transporting humans to Mars, is known by what Doom-inspired initialism?
  3. A prison riot in what US state resulted in the death of seven inmates and injuries to at least 17 others?
  4. Citing concerns over possible bacterial contamination, Rose Acre Farms issued a massive recall of what specific product?
  5. Who won the women’s division of of the 2018 Boston marathon, the first American to do so in 33 years?

  1. Dave Barry
  2. BFR
  3. South Carolina
  4. eggs
  5. Desiree “Desi” Linden


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