Squeep’s First Birthday Thread!

Hooray! Today is Squeep’s first birthday! Freaking finally! I swear she’s been a kitten since W. was in office. She’s seen things you wouldn’t believe. But today she is a certified full-grown kitty cat. Since my very first Open Thread ever was about baby Squeep, it seems only appropriate that she get a Day Thread in her honor today.

She’s come a long way since she was discovered behind a Target, only mostly dead, unlike her poor siblings (RIP).


I casually shared some pictures of her here and unwittingly started a cult. She’s not even my cat, y’all. She was a pretty ridiculously adorable little scrapper, though, so I get it.

She remains pretty cute today.


I get to see her occasionally, and she loves me. Really. This look is one of adoration. The growling sound she was making when the picture was taken? Also adoration.


When I visited last month, she got confused and slept on me. Her walk of shame the next morning was hilarious. Never forget.


Also hilarious is this picture of her coming down from some meds. Derp.


She’s a deeply strange little cat (she licks the inside of her person Boris’s nose; who does that?), but that’s okay, because she had a rough start in life and is now a healthy, happy one-year-old cat ready to conquer the world – or at least the futon.



She now passes on her title of Cutest Avocado Kitten to Spats (SPATS!). Long may he reign.

Happy Birthday, Squeepers! Stay weird, kid!