“Railroaded” American Dad! S15 E10

American Dad! Season 15 Episode 10
The Never-Ending Stories
Grade: A

American Dad does Marge vs. the Monorail in the age of Trump and actually does really well with it. And hey! Reginald is back alive for some reason!

Putting Roger in charge of a totalitarian state and having it all be about Urban Outfitters was a great episode arc. Francine’s Willard routine didn’t really achieve the same heights, but it was strange and entertaining. Steve running off with his new crew was a perfect character beat. And President ‘The Streets Will Run Red With the Blood of My Enemies’ Garfield was well utilized. Always good to see them dipping into the continuity well and finding something useful in there.

Random Observations
• “This mom. This kind of thing is why you’re always getting rabies.”
• “Sky Crooner stuck in traffic.”
•  Me run for mayor
•  “Why is he always telling me where he’s going.”
•  “Aaa! Talking cricket!”