The Avocado

Pod People 4.16.18

The Dollop #323: New York to Paris Car Race – This is a new Dollop classic. I was laughing so hard during this episode, hearing the ridiculous number of things that went wrong for those racers and the slapstick comedy noises the dudes were making as the story unfolded.

Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn: Bullet Speed Trains and Broken Stairwells – God, I am so so glad this show is back, and I’m so glad Gaby got so woke. Building out a very micro-level podcast to a more macro-level examination of capitalism has made it even more interesting and useful.

I Was There Too: Every Film Ever with Amy Nicholson and Jen Yamato – YES! I love hearing the perspective of women in film criticism.

Citations Needed Episode 33: Liberals’ Obsession with the Phantom Reasonable Republican – This is another podcast that could do with shorter episode titles, but oh well. I am one of those angry leftists who doesn’t want to hear shit about “reasonable” or “moderate” conservatives, because IMHO if you’re socially conservative or voting Republican you’re garbage no matter how nice you are to that one gay guy you know or whatever. So of course I loved this episode.