Cake Vs. Pie Tournament: Pie Edible Eight

The dust has settled, and more pies got tossed than during a Three Stooges marathon. Let us bid adieu to the pastries that didn’t make the cut. Shoo-Fly got shooed, and Chess got checkmated. Sweet Potato suffered a bitter loss, while Coconut Cream suffered the same fate as its cakey cousin.

Strawberry Rhubarb couldn’t withstand the citrus onslaught, Blueberry suffered the only fruit pie loss of the round, and while Peanut Butter had a lot of supporters, not enough choosy moms chose it. And happily, Boston Cream lost, so I never have to hear about how it’s not really a pie ever ever ever ever ever again.

It’s down to Eight. Upvote your pick in each each match-up, and argue for your favorites. Good luck!