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Anime Worth Watching: Inferno Cop

Inferno Cop (インフェルノコップ ) is a 13-episode ONA anime directed by Akira Amemiya and produced by Studio Trigger and CoMixWave, with Hiroyuki Imaishi as a production director.


Inferno Cop is a short-form anime which follows the titular character, a violent, flame-skull-headed policeman in Jack Knife Edge Town. Inferno Cop is on a mission to stop a secret organization bent on world domination, known as Southern Cross, who murdered his family. His mission takes him through various adventures around the world.


Inferno Cop takes an intentionally limited animation style and runs with it, creating comedy both despite how limited the character animation and movements are, and because of it.

inferno cop2

Using only a dozen or so character images, some backgrounds, and various stock effects, such as fire and explosions, Inferno Cop forges a fun and hilarious adventure story, which follows the heroic journey of our not-so-heroic protagonist.

Another aspect that really appeals to me is that not only is this show made by a highly talented studio, it is also their first real show. The animation isn’t rudimentary because they can’t make it better, it’s a real choice.

Since the episodes are only 3 minutes long, I recommend giving the first couple episodes a shot. Prepare to be surprised how far these guys can take a stupid concept.


Despite Inferno Cop being ostensibly the greatest anime of all time, there’s quite a bit that might put you off.

inferno cop3
Fvck this shoooow. Oh. It’s okay.

Being a comedy, this show relies heavily on taste. The style is part of the comedy, and it might not be the kind of stuff you find funny. Also, there are crude jokes and lots of cursing. This is the kind of thing that someone either finds incredibly brilliant or incredibly stupid.


Weeb level: 2/10. This show is highly western in influence, with some meta-commentary on animation, but not a lot of knowledge required to enjoy it.

Fanservice: 0/10. I, uh, don’t think the animation style lends itself to this.

Quality: 8.5/10. Inferno Cop is a fantastic show that I love, but it’s also the kind of show that if someone said they didn’t like it at all, I’d say “That’s fair.” As a bonus, having seen this show adds to the enjoyment of another show which is one of my favorite of all time (foreshadowing?).

Where to Watch: Inferno Cop was initially released on YouTube and can be found on the Anime Bancho channel. It can also be found on Crunchyroll.

Bonus info: There is a second season in the works, which was announced in 2017. No information about when it will be released has come out. There was also a bonus episode aired at anime conventions. I’d personally recommend waiting to watch this bonus ep until after watching some of Studio Trigger’s other shows.