Cake Vs. Pie Tournament: Cake Edible Eight

The initial Cake battle had some blowouts, some close calls, and some dark horse victories (some votes did come in after voting was officially closed, and were not counted). Hopefully, your favorites won, but if not, it’s time to pour out a glass of milk for the dearly departed. Apparently, special occasions aren’t so special, as both Birthday and Wedding cake fell to their competitors.

The heavily American voting bloc said “Cheerio” to Victoria Sponge, and though Spice put up a good fight, it couldn’t overcome. Carrot and Angel Food usually get pretty broad support, and suffered surprising knockouts, Pound got pounded, and German Chocolate was banished to the land of wind, ghosts, and coconut.

It’s down to Eight. Upvote your pick in each each match-up, and argue for your favorites. Good fortune!