Ash vs Evil Dead, S3, E8: Rifting Apart

Oh, come on, man. I don’t know anything about this rift crap. You’re the cuervo especial!

The episode opens with coroners pulling bodies out of the school after last week’s massacre and the police saying they’re going to get Ash and make him pay for what he did. Ash puts together the pieces about Ruby Knowby and Professor Knowby, saying that three decades ago his soul got stuck in what the Necronomicon said was a rift between time in space, and he assumes that’s where Kelly and Brandy are. So he wants to jump into the rift and grab them and get the hell out. Only, he needs Brandy’s body in order to do that so he can get her soul back into it and, well, the coroner is about to take her away. So what’s better than hijackinging their truck?


In the rift, Brandy is running around, scared out of her wits and sees one of her murdered classmates get dragged to what is presumably hell by a bunch of hands after that creepy ass shadow thing from the last episode appears behind her. Dalton shows up behind her and pulls her to the side, trying to keep her out of harm’s way. He and Kelly get her to hide in a bar, as they just try to dodge that thing.


Ash and Pablo make it to the hardware store, with two corpses in the back of the van. They drag one of the body bags with what they presumed was Brandy to the cellar and realize that the evil has to kill Ash, so they use the dagger to kill him and send him into the rift. He wakes up in the cellar, with his hand in tact, which opens into the cryo-bank because things don’t work the same down there. He eventually makes his way to the bar and finds his trio, reprimanding Dalton for his genuflecting because he’s really annoyed by this whole Knight bullshit already.

Pablo notices that the body bag is empty, because it turns out it wasn’t Brandy they pulled to the cellar, it was one of her classmates, and she turned Deadite. So he fights her throughout the hardware store, smacking her with a wrench, and eventually beheads her by shoving her head into a paint mixer. (It’s Brujo Especial, bitch.) Good going, the only living Ghost Beater at this specific point in time!


As they try to make it back to the cellar in the rift, Ash notices that the Delta is down there too! Dalton decides to sacrifice himself so the trio can get away, but the Delta just does not want to start. Because it’s the rift, and again, stuff does not work down there. Dalton gets dragged down, and then the Delta goes next. But then it just explodes through the pavement and they drive right through that creepy ass shadow thing, make it to the cryo-bank, which leads them to the cellar. But because Pablo was up there dealing with the Deadite, he’s not in the cellar to open the rift. He sees Ash bitching about it on TV, so he runs down to the cellar, quickly opens the rift, and Ash and Brandy get out. But there’s a barrier keeping Kelly in there, since Kelly’s body is being inhabited by Kaya. And then we find out that Zoe has been kidnapped by Kaya-Kelly at the very end and Ruby has some nefarious plan for her to re-write their destiny. Now shit’s gonna get even more loco up in this bitch.