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Guideline Update: Open Thread Timing

It’s time for a guideline change announcement! We’re making an addition to guideline #2, which currently reads:

2. Daily/Nightly Open Discussions: An “open” discussion will be posted twice a day, scheduled for 11:00 Eastern (08:00 Pacific) and 23:00 (11pm) Eastern (20:00/8pm Pacific). These open discussions are pretty much a free-for-all with no specific focus, just be mindful of the rules and guidelines. Anyone can make an Open Thread but it’s best to check on the current one to see if the next has been claimed to prevent duplication.

We’d like to set stricter standards for scheduling the OTs, to prevent early threads, late threads, and duplicate threads. To that end:

WordPress gives you the option to schedule your post ahead of time, to go up at a set time. If you sign up to post an Open Thread, we need you to schedule your post to go up at the allotted time, exactly. See the times above for reference. You can schedule it far in advance or you can schedule it the day before, but the key is that it needs to be scheduled. With the options wordpress gives us, there’s no reason an open thread should be early or late, and with the OT sign-ups, there’s no reason there should be an issue with duplicates.

If anyone makes a habit of causing early threads, late threads, or duplicates, the mod team will consider changing your publishing privileges so that we have to approve your threads before they go up. We will take things like daylight savings time into account, as there is understandable confusion around that time.

Going forward, the following will be added to guideline #2: “If you sign up to post an open thread, be sure to schedule it ahead of time so it goes up at the correct time. Also be sure to check the sign up sheet to make sure that slot is free. If any person continually posts open threads at the wrong time or posts duplicates, the mod team will discuss changing your publishing privileges.”