This Night Thread Honours COOKIE!!!

Okay, okay… to-Night‘s Thread honours one of our community’s most underrated valued contributors…

…me speak, of course, of COOKIE MONSTER!!! OM NOM NOM NOM!

Cookie Monster, ya, ya, ever since his original contributions to Mothership site, been one of most treasured people on here me can know. And he run Snubbies, too, so get out there and VOTE:

But, but, seriously, me say, Cookie Monster one of nicest and kindest and warmest Monsters me ever know in me life. He have lovely family, of Mrs. Cookie and Cookie, Jr. and Bagel Monster (went on a tschmear, recently!). But he just, generally, really decent person whom me feel get not enough appreciation on this site. (Or on Mothership, but that matter for Wiki Wormhole, me feel…)

So, so, to misquote Fred Durst, true poet for our time, “Me did it all… for the COOKIE!!!” OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!