The Weekly History Thread

Welcome to this week’s History Thread! This week our discussion topic will be turning points in history. Big or small, obvious or subtle, there are specific lives or events that made an impact on history more than a single day (sometimes a single moment) ought to. Discuss and marvel at Agnew’s laziness.

Today’s picture: On April 10, 1963 the USS Thresher, a Permit-class nuclear submarine, sank off the coast of Portsmouth, Virginia during an overhaul trial. The vessel sent a garbled SOS before sinking, leading to an extensive search by the US Navy. It took several months to locate the entire remains of the vessel, as it broke apart while sinking, and the Navy made an effort to recover more sensitive materials. Some 129 sailors died in the wreck, resulting in the Navy implementing a massive program to make submarines more safe (appropriately dubbed SUBSAFE). Only one American submarine has sunk since then, so maybe it worked?