“Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene” Bob’s Burgers S8 E13

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 13
Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene
Grade: C+

A pretty low-key Bob’s Burgers gives Gene a chance to demonstrate how he’s grown up a little and also how much of a momma’s boy he remains by pitting him against an ID-ier version of himself in the form of Alex.

A household obsessed with healthy eating that secretly binge eats is a sitcom staple, and even though the show didn’t go for the pat confrontation at the end, it was still a little by-the-numbers. Bob and Linda’s b-plot wasn’t setting the world on fire either, with the revelation that they both snore.

Drastic Measures
Extra Long Tape Measures

Rat Here
Rat Now
Pest Control

Judy Garlic Burger (comes with garlictapenade)

Random Observations:
• “A cabin in the woods?! Didn’t you watch Cabin in the Woods?!”