Parental Guidance: Division of Labor (Non Childbirth Edition)

Hello and welcome to the bi-monthly parental guidance thread. Twice a month on a Stuarday,  Corn or Miss Rim * will post a thread for parents and parental adjacent people to participate in. We will select a topic ad a starting off point, but you are not limited to that. Discuss whatever is on your mind, complain, vent, share, brag, etc.

Today’s topic: Division of Labor

How do you and  your family/ co- parents, etc divide up the work with respect  to child care and other mundane tasks like cleaning and dishes and laundry?  And what sort of “emotional labor” do you do?  In theory, a lot of parents and families try their best to work equally hard, but in practice that’s usualy not the case. Do you do more than you want to? Do you do less than you “should?” How do you cope in theory and in practice?

How do you work it ou when you are having troubles? What do you do when you’re fed up with “too much” work?

* It’s usally Corn or Miss Rim that host these, but anyone who has a topic they’d like to discuss is welcome to do PG thread!