Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Apr. 5

Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Apr. 5 – Introducing today’s contestants:

– Arielle, a business analyst from Arlington, MA, who does a podcast about book adaptations;
– Kristin, an attorney from Red Bank, NJ, who has rescue dogs name Betty Ford and Delano; and
– Jack, a journalist from New York, NY, a “terrible” hockey player who had a private game with his girlfriend. Jack is a two-day champ with winnings of $46,802.

It appeared to be going Jack’s way after Kristin missed DD2 and Jack was correct on DD3. Then Kristin was correct on the last three high-value clues to pull into a tie with Jack at $18,200 going into FJ, with Arielle still in with a chance at $6,400.

DD1 (video) – MINE-APOLIS – An oracle could not have predicted the region seen here (around San Jose, CA) with this nickname would shift its jobs from farming to tech (Kristin won $1,000)

DD2 – BOOKS & AUTHORS – His last two novels, “Omerta” and “The Family”, were published after his death in 1999 (Kristin lost $1,800)

DD3 – ORGANIZATIONS – To encourage marksmanship 2 Union vets founded this organization in 1871 (Jack won $3,000)

FJ – FILMS OF THE 1990s – Tommy Lee Jones won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for this movie based on a TV series that premiered in 1963

Kristin made a potentially fatal wagering error by betting everything except a dollar, since her best choices were to either go all-in or shut out Arielle with a much smaller wager. But she got away with it when Jack surprisingly missed FJ and dropped to $0, resulting in a huge payday for Kristin of $36,399.

Note that if everyone had missed FJ, we would have had an all-time memorable Jeopardy! moment of a tiebreaker between two players with $1.

Triple Stumper of the day: No one knew the vehicle that can be pedaled or driven with a gas engine that is musically taken “Downtown” is a moped.

This day in Trebekistan: Alex offered a bit of a humblebrag when he mentioned that he had trouble with epistemology in college. The contestants didn’t even know the word, but you took a course in it. GOOD FOR YOU!

Correct Qs:

DD1 – What is Silicon Valley?
DD2 – Who was Puzo?
DD3 – What is the NRA?
FJ – What is “The Fugitive”?