Action Figure/Toy Collecting: Holy Grails

Well, I finally found one of my collecting Holy Grails: the Sideshow Indiana Jones figure from Raiders of the Lost Ark.


There have been higher end Indy figures and statues released since this figure was available in 2008, but this one really captured my desire.  I collected the small Hasbro figures released the same year (and those are the ones my kids play with constantly), but this one is mine.  I couldn’t afford him when he was released, and I couldn’t really afford him now, but he was a consignment sale at my local comic shop, and the owner was cool with me doing the ol’ layaway deal over two months (remember layaway?  It’s a hell of a lot better than paying a fortune of interest by using credit).  So, after ten years and some patience, I finally scored the quintessential (in my mind) Indy figure.

Now I just need to get a small curio cabinet to store him and the Medicom Rocketeer.

Anyway, this leads to this week’s discussion topics.

  1. What is your collecting Holy Grail, either from when you were a kid, or as an adult collector?
  2. What is the single best representation of your favourite character in action figure form?
  3. Do you have collections devoted entirely to a single character


Don’t limit yourself to my suggested topics.  Feel free to sound off about anything related to toy and action figure collecting.