Shoeless Trivia: 1987

This is the 87th one of these I’ve written, so how about a round on 1987?

  1. In Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, John Candy’s Del Griffith was a salesman for what specific product?
  2. W-w-w-what dystopian sci-fi series set “20 minutes into the future” premiered on ABC in March of 1987? The title character also enjoyed a brief stint as a celebrity in his own right, including as a pitchman for New Coke.
  3. A young adult novel by Gary Paulsen in 1987 describes the adventures of 13 year-old Brian Robeson as he struggles to survive in the Canadian wilderness with the help of only his wits and what title implement?
  4. March 13, 1987 was a great moment in portmanteau history when Bryan Adam’s “Heat of the Night” became the first commercially available example of what format?
  5. Name the video game character pictured below, who was royally screwed if you could punch him in his vulnerable stomach.eightyseven1.jpg

  1. shower curtain rings
  2. Max Headroom
  3. hatchet
  4. cassingle
  5. King Hippo


Please use spoiler tags if you play along in the comments.