RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10: Episode 2 Discussion Thread

Hey, kitty girls!

Last week saw the premiere of an all-new season of Drag Race with a feisty new group of queens, updated workroom, and an homage to the series’ beginnings with a Drag on a Dime design challenge. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo was the first queen to be eliminated, but Miss Vanjie’s charisma, gorgeous mug, and indelible personality has made her one of the most beloved first-outs in recent memory.

Also, condragulations to Mayhem Miller, the first main challenge winner of season 10, who has proven that her long road to getting on the show was well worth the wait. Here’s hoping she continues to slay.

(Her eyeography in this number is out of this world.)

Tonight’s episode finds the queens performing in one of the series’ recurring challenges: a lip-sync extravaganza with a special guest judge. There are quite a few excellent lip-syncers in this cast, so let’s hope they succeed. Remember to stay around for Untucked after the show!

As always, this thread is for discussing the show, but not everyone is able to watch it at the same time. Therefore, please use discretion when discussing specific spoilery details of the episode and Untucked (challenge details, queens’ performance, top/bottom placements, etc.) Having everything spoiler tagged isn’t necessarily conducive to a proper discussion, so use your judgment. If you want to discuss the season 10 queens outside of their performance on the show, feel free to do so without spoiler tags.

In the words of Tatianna: thank yew, and enjoy tonight’s episode!