Steven Universe: Season 5 Episode 15 “Pool Hopping”

Well waddaya know it. Another Garnet centric episode! But this one delves more into her own self-doubts, a turn she has seen less of then Pearl or Amethyst, since she is the most stable of the Gems. In fact, this episode seems to make the case of how limiting her Future Vision is, and how no matter how omniscient she could be, the unexpected always throws her out of sync. Which, thorugh the power of cats, leads us to a heartfelt moment of, like any parent (or Gem Mom), she realizes that Steven is growing up, making decisions for himself and upending much of what she knew of him, and realizing the goodness in his maturity.

As always, you can watch the episode now on the CN app or wait for it to air April 23.

Stray Observations:

  • Loved the way how the background music distorts as Garnet explains doing the unpredictable to her future vision to peer into other timelines.
  • I’ve watched  My Neighbor Totoro enough times to know when it’s been referenced to.
  • “Anything could happen. Anything could happen to these cats!”
  • I can see why Garnet would choose the kitty with one, blue eye.
  • And name her Cat Steven. Cat Steven! She was just one plural away from this becoming a wild world.

cat steven

A Rose for a Man.

Hotdog for the Son.

Home for the Lapis that made the rain come.

Pearls sing their hearts away.

‘Cause while the Diamonds seethe, the children play.

Oh Yeah, how they play and play!

On that happy day, on that happy day!