Riverdale S2E17 “Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens”



Last week on #SaveCheryl, Ethel became a motherfuggin bawse and threw a milkshake in Veronica’s face. Tbh, she’s been deserving it this season. Then Veronica punched 2 Reggie 2 Furious in the face because he was being Reggie. Although he was not wrong.

Veronica started running for President with Betty, but then Ethel spilled all of her tea via flyer so Betty quit and we can assume Veronica did too. It’s hard to tell bad for her when she’s been a willing participant of her parent’s crimes this whole season.

Mama Blossom and Eviler Twin Pop Blossom drugged Fan Favorite Nana Bossom because they some haters, then tossed her down a flight of stairs.

Then she had Cheryl taken to an insane asylum. (The bad kind, holy shit, someone save her)


oh oh yeah Chic Franco is still creepy


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