Steven Universe Season 5 episode 14 “The Big Show”

After yesterday’s big lore episode, today’s Steven Universe was a lot more low-key. It was a classic townie episode, but they took the opportunity to play with the format a bit by having the whole thing take place even more from Steven’s point of view than usual– by giving him Greg’s old camcorder (love that VHS grainy look!) and having him document the continued rise of Sadie and the cool kids’ band– now renamed Sadie Killer and the Suspects. I’m sure we’re all let down that we didn’t get to see Steven, the Off-Colors, Garnet, and Lars fight those Agates, but there was a lot to like here that made up for it, including two all-new songs, Greg once again getting to take advantage of the connections he made as a touring musician, and some more development of the mother/daughter relationship between Barb and Sadie which I thought was just beautiful.

Random notes:

  • Gag of the episode: Can’t decide between Buck’s deadpan description of his expectations for their inevitable ego-fueled breakup or “…They were clip-ons.” Buck is definitely the MVP of the episode.
  • Buck’s catboy outfit, oh my god.
  • Greg’s parents didn’t support his career =(
  • The Cool Kids in suits, OH MY GOD.
  • Let’s all give a big hand for this episode’s special guest star, Joan Jett, playing venue owner and promoter Sunshine Justice! It’s too bad she didn’t sing, but maybe she’ll be back.
  • Sadie continues to channel her angst into some awesome music. Here’s “Ghost.”(Also, gotta be a reference to Kate Micucci’s other gig as Velma on Scooby-Doo, right?)

LibraryLass Is Shipper Trash Notes

  • Greg and Sunshine totally used to date, right?
  • Semi-relatedly, I still want him and Barb to get together. For their kids’ sakes as much as their own.
  • Um, like, Sadie likes Jenny a bit, right?