Toy Collecting: The Lego Thread!

I had grand plans for this thread.

Yesterday morning, I had about 45 minutes to myself.  I, a grown man and father of three, was faced with the daunting task of choosing how to spend this treasure of time in my own house, and I chose to…build shit out of Lego.

I picked out all the white and red bricks I could find, grabbed one of those square green base pieces, and set about building the Ghostbusters firehouse from scratch.  I don’t have $400 to buy the official set, but I figured I could make a recognizable Hook and Ladder Company building.  And I did!  It actually turned out better than I expected.  My middle son would be thrilled with this thing when he saw it (he loves Ghostbusters), and the construction process served as a form of gentle therapy for my jangled nerves.

It was then, when I realized that this thing looked like the thing it was intended to look like, that I figured I should take a picture of it and use Lego as a topic for the next Avocado toy thread.  But when my kid saw it, he thought it was awesome, grabbed a cheap 12″  Iron Man figure from the shelf to stand in for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and proceeded to destroy the fruits of my labour in a protracted fashion.

Such is the way of things.

But the best part about Lego is that, as soon as I saw what happened to my masterpiece, I immediately began planning how I could make it better the next time.  How I could add more detail and structural support for the Ghostbusters headquarters.  Maybe find a spot for their lunch room, and make the containment chamber.

Because it’s Lego, after all.  There are an infinite number of ways to make your fun.

Some questions to consider:

-What was/is your favourite Lego set/sub-line?

-Do you like the licensed direction that Lego has adopted?

-Do you prefer to keep your creations intact, or do you make then bust them apart?


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