Steven Universe: Season 5 Episode 13 “Your Mother and Mine”

Commentors Log:

It has been a full two months since we’ve last seen an episode. CN has left us adrift. Lost in this endless cycle of Stevenbombs before receding back, not to grace us again for months even half a year on end.

But, best to leave these thoughts for the future, and focus on the now, that we finally have another set of episodes. This first one, like “The Answer”, is a story episode, told once again the fierce but cool Garnet, telling the story of how Rose Quartz fell in love for the life on the Earth, gathered and army and rose (no pun intended) to defend them against the tyrannical rule of Pink Diamond. While we didn’t learn much that we already knew about the rebellion, we did finally get to see White Diamond!

white diamonds hand

sssssssssssssss hand. Well, beggars can’t be choosers. Though, it is immediately clear that she is larger then Yellow and Blue, which would lend credence that she is the “Prime” or the head of the Diamond Authority.

But as always, while you could wait for the episode to air this coming April 9th, you can get instead an Autobahn down the CN app to watch all four episodes right now before they air. And each episode will have the appropriate thread each day of the this week, with Pearl-Sheltie taking over tomorrow.

Stray Observations:

  • As always, Estelle gives an excellent narration of the Crystal Gems history, giving a bratty and flippant tone to Pink Diamond.
  • Garnet, going full dork on the Off-Colors, was the best scene. “You must be Rhodonite! A Ruby and a Pearl, that must have been a story. I want all the details.”
  • I’m sure when it comes time for Steven to explain what happened to Rose Quartz, they’re going to be just as confused as any other gem so far. Greg’s gonna have to give “The Talk” a few dozen times.