Pop Culture Confessions: The Resurrection

It’s kind of ironic that, on the Tuesday before Easter, ABC is resurrecting Roseanne, and especially Dan Conner, who they killed in the original series finale. But resurrecting/rebooting/remaking things has been a pop culture staple for as long as pop culture has existed. Some, like the 1982’s The Thing, take a solid concept and make it into something great. Others, like the Tomb Raider video game reboot, re-energize a franchise. Still others, like the reboot of The X-Files, prove that some things are better left dead. I’m pretty certain that in some Greek temple somewhere, there’s a copy of an updated version of The Odyssey that’s “more lighthearted” than the original.

So this week’s question (which I’ll answer for myself in the comments at some point due to time constraints while writing): if you could resurrect/reboot/remake one bit of pop culture, what would it be, and how would you make it different than the original (if at all)?

As always, make sure to use spoiler tags where necessary and NO JUDGING!