Santa Clarita Diet – Season 2 Review/Spoil Sports

Previously on Santa Clarita Diet….

Abby: “Is mom dead?”

Eric: “She’s dead, and also undead.”

Joel: “A zombie?”

Eric: “I don’t like that word, I think it’s inherently negative.”


Sheila: ” Dan will be in the one place they’ll never look….my stomach”


Joel: ” Honey, you and I are going to get through this tog…what the fuck is that?!




“You might have to chain mommy in the basement”

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The first season of Santa Clarita Diet was joyous. The sort of comedy for grown ups that rarely gets made and get a second season once in a blue moon. Braindead and  Wonderfalls being examples of the former, off the top of my head I can’t think of the latter. (Googling “shows like Santa Clarita Diet” , the first results include Scream Queens and One day At A Time. Which are way off)

I’m not sure “review” fits this as much as “fawning fan piece”, I loved this season. Laughed my perfectly toned butt off at it (citation needed). You know the laughter that causes people to come in from other rooms to see if you’re okay? That kind.

The cast is uniformly great. Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore are as charming as ever (handy when your protagonists are killing people) Liv Hewson and Skyler Gisondo as Abbie and Eric are great finds and the supporting cast is a who’s who of comedic “that guy”‘s and “her from that thing”s

Without spoiling things too much, Ramona Young (playing Ramona, confusingly or possibly simplifying it) gets more to do this season and knocks it out of the park. Having the breather of deadpan deliveries in amongst the craziness of a show with zombies, blood fountains and nazi lobsters is a great touch.

The main strength of the show is it’s so bloody pleasant. Most of the characters are fun, nice people. The people getting their just desserts (or being eaten as dessert) are people you’d happily see getting chomped. It’s a delightful place to spend time and easy to binge. It’s also a show with an upfront liberal mindset. Nobody gives a flying one whether the sheriff is gay or what races are where and, if you are a sexual harasser, you get your fingers bitten off.

I mean there is the possibility of the zombie apocalypse looming but hey, there has to be some narrative tension, right?