Shoeless Trivia: Diseases

If you’re sick of trivia the only treatment is hair of the dog.

  1. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, better known as “mad cow disease”, is caused not by bacteria or viruses but instead by a kind of misfolded protein known as a what?
  2. Coprolalia is sometimes a symptom of what condition first described by a French neurologist in 1884? Though only a small number of patients actually exhibit  coprolalia, it is by far the most infamous symptom of the disease.
  3. The three shots shown below are all from what movie in which the protagonist learns from his doctor that he is dying from a “brain cloud”?disease1
  4. What band can be heard performing in the clip below? The clip is 29 seconds long but the album version of the song is four minutes and 13 seconds and some heavily improvised concert performances have been as long as 31 minutes.
  5. We all know by now that if a man has an erection lasting for more than four hours he should call a doctor. What is the medical term for this condition, which takes its name from a Greek fertility god?

  1. prion
  2. Tourette syndrome
  3. Joe Versus the Volcano
  4. Phish
  5. priapism


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