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Heavy Side Up Weekly Discussion

Greetings, heavy music fans. And if you like your metal releases to be highly ambitious epics, well, you’re in for a real treat this week!

Our primary featured release is by Et Moriemur, a supergroup hailing from the Czech Republic. Titled Epigrammata, their third album is an absolute must-listen. They play a very atmospheric brand of melodic doom metal, replete with all sorts of unexpected musical elements, such as strings, piano, brass instruments, and even Gregorian chanting. The album is as much of a showcase of old European culture as it as rumination on loss, and it’s every bit as ambitious as it sounds, transcending the often limited scope of doom metal to deliver a different kind of musical experience entirely.

(Note: The full album isn’t currently available via the embedded Bandcamp link below – just half the tracks – though if you have Spotify, you can check it out here)

The next featured album this week takes us to Norway, where the up-and-coming band Profane Burial have released their debut album, The Rosewater Park Legend. Continuing the theme of instrumentally rich epics, this collection of talented musicians lean very heavily into the “symphonic” side of symphonic black metal. Equal parts emotive and solemn, there’s barely a moment on this album that isn’t worth listening to, and like the featured album above, it is very much worth your time:

We finish our weekly featured releases in Australia, where funeral doom giants Mournful Congregation have unleashed yet another masterpiece, titled The Incubus of Karma. Most would balk at the notion of an 80 minute album, but this agonizingly hypnotic and masterfully composed work makes every second count. Many fans of the funeral doom genre consider this band to be the undisputed kings of the genre, and it’s difficult to argue otherwise:

Other artists who released albums this week include Russian heavy/thrash metal band Abrin, melodic death metal band The Absence, instrumental progressive metal act Afterglow, Spanish stoner/hard rock band All Shades of Wrong, English black metal band And Now the Owls are Smiling, Finnish folk metal band Auri, Norwegian death metal band Befouled, Danish stoner metal band Bersærk, English heavy/doom metal band Black Skull Ritual, Christian post-hardcore band blessthefall, alternative metalcore band Bloodline, deathcore band Bog Wraith, Canadian power/progressive metal band Borealis, Argentinian stoner/hard rock band Brut4l, Spanish hard rock band Bubble Bones, hard rock band Bulletboys, Swiss one-man black metal act Cân Bardd, Swiss progressive metal band Car Crash Weather, Greek neo-classical metal band Chaostar, Swiss blackened hardcore band Coilguns, Spanish thrash metal band Crisix, Japanese symphonic power metal band Cross Vein, Australian hardcore band Crowned Kings, French hard rock artist David Slame, Danish alternative metalcore band Daze of June, Dutch stoner/hard rock band Death Alley, doom metal band Demon Lung, Swedish death metal band Demonical, Luxembourgian death metal band Desdemonia, Australian one-man doom metal act Deus Omega, German heavy metal band Dine’n’Dasher, French progressive metal band Disconnected, alternative metal band Discrepancies, sludge metal band Distances, Norwegian black metal band Djevel, Russian hard rock band Doc Brown, Japanese melodic death metal band Earthstream, Italian power/progressive metal band Eldritch, English heavy metal band Eliminator, alternative/groove metal band Entity, German death metal band Fleshworks, stoner metal band Freedom Hawk, black metal band Gilted Woods, Russian experimental metal band Go Down the Drain, Polish black metal band Gontyna Kry, Monaco-based avant-garde metal band Hardcore Anal Hydrogen (yep), Italian doom metal band Hell Obelisco, melodic doom/death metal band Hinayana, Japanese symphonic power metal artist Kamijo, Dutch progressive metal band Kingfisher Sky, Spanish symphonic power metal band Last Days of Eden, Spanish death metal band The Last Oblation, Norwegian stoner/hard rock band Lonely Kamel, Swedish psychedelic hard rock band MaidaVale, hard rock artist Matt Massey, French symphonic power metal band Melted Space, British death metal band Memoriam, instrumental progressive metal artist MisterMutiny, stoner rock band Monster Magnet, Belgian stoner rock band Motsus, Swedish groove metal band Nale, technical death metal band Nightmarer, British hard rock band No Hot Ashes, Belgian thrash metal band Objector, Swedish melodic death metal band Omethi, Australian heavy metal band On My Command, Australian hard rock band Palace of the King, Brazilian hard rock/glam metal band Pleasure Maker, Dutch death/thrash metal band Radiathor, death metal band Replicant, Swiss death metal band Requiem, thrash metal band Rise Beyond, Italian power/thrash metal band Rusty Nails, hard rock band Salty Dog, one-man black metal act Sar Nath, English groove metal band Screaming Beast, Canadian death metal band Spirit of Rebellion, Colombian death/thrash metal band Sol de Sangre, Belgian death metal band Storm Upon the Masses, Canadian melodic death metal band Strigampire, Polish stoner metal band Sunnata, heavy metal band The Sword, German industrial metal band Taina, Estonian stoner metal band Talbot, Swedish doom/sludge metal band Throneless, German groove metal band Tombstone, one-man black metal act Trvth, German death metal band Typhonian, hard rock band UnderFire, Swiss black metal band Ungfell, Canadian deathgrind band WAKE, Swedish hard rock band W.E.T., noise rock/experimental metal band Will Haven, Canadian experimental metal band Yamantaka // Sonic Titan.

There were also new EPs released by Italian black metal band Anguana, French black metal band Astral Diadem, alternative metalcore band Bad Wolves, Spanish instrumental post-metal band Blavk Orb, Canadian instrumental black metal band Calmégis Lagnaés, sludge metal band Chrome Ghost, British melodic hardcore band Cove, post-hardcore band The Fever 333, Dutch heavy/thrash metal band Hallowed Fire, Canadian thrash/death metal band Invicta, Dutch thrash metal band Izegrim, groove metal band Kill God, metalcore band A Silent Truth, hardcore band True Love, and deathcore band Violent Persuasions.

I also just quickly wanted to highlight a release from last week that slipped by me – Lo, and I Am Burning, the sophomore album from Pennsylvanian blackened hardcore band Slaves BC. The genre’s really been taking off these past few years, but this is a landmark release in it – that rare album that manages to wear its heart on its sleeve while still being relentlessly abrasive. You can check it out here.

So, what have you been rocking out to?

BONUS QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is there a favourite album of yours that could be described as a musical epic?