Monkey Island Night Thread

Yeah I am going to talk about a old game this time. Monkey Island is a game series by LucasArts. Its a point and click adventure game that strength is in its writing and sense of humor. A lot of my more absurdist humor comes from this game series.

The first two games were old games with sprites like a Kings Quest game. The third has a more Disney animated look and a different feel about it.

The cast has really only three main Characters. Guybrush Threepwood, who wants to be a might pirate, but is dumb and not a good pirate. Elaine Marley the governor of Melee Island, which the main Island for the games, is a no nonsense badass. Le Chuck, who started out as a Ghost Pirate, then became a zombie pirate, then a demon pirate.

The basic plot for each game is Guybrush sets out do something piratey and gets tangled up with Le Chuck’s plan to take over Melee Island or the surrounding area. Wacky hi-jinks ensue. You meet a cast of colorful and funny characters. Figure some unique puzzles. Stop Le Chuck, he comes back next game as something different, hence the ghost to zombie to demon thing.

They are point and click games meaning they are puzzle games by nature. The series is known for its strange and humors solutions to puzzles. For example to get across a ravine that lost the zip line you find this Rubber chicken.png

its a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle. Its not a normal game, if you like slightly off the wall humor I recommend trying it out. The first two were remasted with an oil painting look and voice acting and are still fun to play.

Have fun posting tonight. Hope you all have a great night.