Scott OT #48: The Night Thread gets lost and sets the story straight (3/20)

Bet you didn’t think I’d go back to doing David Lynch write-ups, didn’t you? Well, after a few weeks of being a lazy asshole, I’m back to writing up about one of my favorite directors.


Lost Highway is a 1997 neo-noir mindfuck film. It’s about an L.A. musician (played by Bill Pullman) who receives bizarre videotapes of him and his wife (Patricia Arquette). One of the videotapes shows him hovering over her dismembered corpse, a memory he doesn’t recall. He’s sentenced to death for this until he somehow changes into a young mechanic (Balthazar Getty). While this is going on, he’s haunted by a mysterious man (Robert Blake).


One of the more notable things about Lost Highway is its soundtrack. Trent Reznor (one of my favorite musicians on the planet) produced it and is responsible for how great it is. The soundtrack album reached number 7 on the Billboard 200 chart.


Lost Highway received mixed reviews at the time of its release. Siskel and Ebert were notably negative on the film, giving it two thumbs down… which wound up being a part of the film’s marketing campaign. Over time, it’s gained a cult following and is considered one of the greatest movies ever nowadays.


A few years after it was released, Lynch revealed that he was subconsciously inspired by the O.J. Simpson murder case for Lost Highway. In a disturbing coincidence, Robert Blake would later murder his wife as well and got away with it too.


Lynch followed this up with quite possibly the most unusual film in his career, The Straight Story. In lieu of his usual R-rated fare, The Straight Story is a G-rated Disney film. It follows the story of Alvin Straight (Richard Farmsworth), who wants to travel to see his brother Lyle (Harry Dean Stanton) after he suffers a stroke. Not having a car, he buys a John Deere tractor and travels to his brother on it. That’s the whole story.


It might not sound like much but it’s a beautiful film. Richard Farmsworth gives an amazing performance and the finale is just wonderful.


Richard Farmsworth was nominated for Best Actor for his performance but he sadly lost (boo!) to Kevin Spacey (boo!!) for American Beauty (BOO!!!!!!!!!!).


(Seriously, fuck this movie)

Hope you all have fun commenting here tonight and have a great night.

(For the next installment in this series, I’ll look at Mulholland Dr.)