Pop Culture Confessions: A Good Cry

Works of pop culture are meant to get an emotional reaction from you. Songs are written just to get people pumped up. Horror movies are made to terrify you. And TV shows are made to make you feel all the things.

There is perhaps no more powerful sign that a piece of pop culture has done its job than when it gets you to openly weep, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t often cry. This is Us (which I have never watched in spite of the fact that my beloved Steelers play what sounds like a big part in things) seems to have this down to a science. The sheer number of “I’m a grown man and I’m openly weeping” posts on Facebook after their Super Bowl Sunday episode outnumbered the happy Eagles fans ones (most likely because Eagles’ fans were out burning things).

The crying doesn’t necessarily have to be because something is Old Yeller-level sad either. It can be because something has made you so happy that the waterworks just show up. For me, sports movies get me every time, with the “worst” offenders being the movie and documentary about the 1980 Miracle on Ice, Miracle and Do You Believe in Miracles? I’m a pretty major hockey historian and a total U.S. homer in all the national team sports, so that one has a special place in my heart to begin with. Add in that one of my most prized possessions is a Herb Brooks autographed hockey card and I start blubbering like a baby every time the Al Michaels call cranks up. Appropriately, I watched the end of Miracle on Showtime over the weekend after UMBC almost started up the waterworks for me on Friday with their monumental 16 over 1 upset in the NCAA tourney.

So this week’s question: what piece of pop culture gets you crying every time? Remember to use spoiler tags where needed and NO JUDGING!