“Klaustastrophe.TV” American Dad! S15 E7

American Dad! Season 15 Episode 7
Grade: A

A little meta referential humor and serial killer Klaus goes a long way, I’ve found. I even liked the senseless violence this week. The dialogue about how the rest of the family only seems to get to ever do one fun thing a week was great.

And Stan’s A-plot was great material. Futurama did such a good job with the Globetrotters on their show that I was worried that American Dad wouldn’t hold up well by comparison, but they did pretty good. The intricate plot that involved the cycle of abuse come full circle with Steve being adopted by Sesame Street on Ice was a fantastic closing bit.

Random Observations
• “Should we be… following him…?”
• “I’ll kill them if I have to.”
“Wrong voice.”
• “It’ll take more than shouting numbers to get me onboard.”
“Well, you called my bluff. I’m in.”
• “It actually tasted ok. Like a hairy croissant full of blood.”