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2018 NCAA Tournament Second Round Thread (Saturday 3/17)

Welcome back, Retriever fans!

Like a lot of people, I’m still trying to figure out just how the hell that happened.  Last night, Emperor Snapper pointed out that UMBC lost to Albany 83-39 in January, and try as I may, I can’t wrap my head around that fact.  A team that lost to a pretty good America East squad by 44 two months ago just beat the dominant winner of the ACC (by four games!) by 20.  How is such a swing even possible?

The memory that will stick with me from last night’s game is how fearsome Virginia’s press looked when they first unleashed it, but how with poise and effort UMBC’s guards were able to pick it apart to the point of total collapse. Jairus Lyles and K.J. Maura will not be forgotten.

In our bracket pool, Flubba Gunto won the first round with a 25-7 mark; LovableCreep, ganews, Harvey Dent, and, uh, a “vacated” bracket are one game behind.  Only two Avocados picked Virginia to cut down the nets— you folks are smart!