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Friday New Music 3/16/18

This was fun last time, then, I forgot to do another one last week. So, here’s another one.  There’s plenty of good stuff coming out week to week, here’s a place to bullshit about those albums, or, grab recommendations, or, I don’t know, insult my taste in music I don’t care.

Things on my radar for 3/16/18:

The Decemberists: I’ll be Your Girl – I’m sure this is no one else’s idea of a top pick but mine – I love the Decemberists to death and even I’m not that excited for it. I mean look at that album cover it is a w f u l – but it’s the album I’m guaranteed to listen to a hundred times this year so here we are. Even if it’s bad it’ll probably be interesting.

Mount Eerie: Now Only – The follow up to an album I’ve never finished because it was too sad and I am too emotionally immature to revisit. So, I’ll try.

Yo La Tengo: There’s a Riot Going On – Why not, I always try a Yo La Tengo album out just in case.

Hot Snakes: Jericho Sirens  – Hot Take: Hot Snakes

Sorority Noise – YNAAYT – I guess this came out earlier in the month but I didn’t catch it, looks like a physical release is tomorrow so I’ll count it and listen to it. Sorority Noise are a fairly decent modern-emo band and You’re Not As ___ As You Think was good, YNAAYT looks like it’s a reimagining of the album with lusher instrumentation so it could be interesting. It’ll probably be good if you like to hear songs about friends dying and their friends dying.

There’s of course other probably great things coming out, I just feel weird making a list of things I don’t know. Let me know what’s good.