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2018 NCAA Tournament First Round Thread (Friday 3/16)

Well, if you didn’t stay up for the late games last night, you could be waking up to quite the surprise: 4 seed Arizona, widely considered talented enough to be a contender for most of the year, didn’t just lose to 13 seed Buffalo— they were flat out hammered.  This is a high-schadenfreude result due to the allegations swirling around coaches Sean Miller and Book Richardson and star Deandre Ayton (as well as the complete elimination of the PAC-12 from this year’s tournament).  Unfortunately,  I can’t join the party wholeheartedly, as I had picked the Wildcats for the Final Four.  Such is the way of brackets.

In the Avocado pool, ewlmo4 currently leads the way with an impressive 14-2 record after day 1.  Following closely at 13-3 are Dan Pierce, Dramus18, Flubba Gunto, ganews, Rex Reilly, Thundergun, OuterStace, and Shoe Contract Pending. Two players picked Arizona to win the championship, and one picked Miami.

What surprises does today’s action hold?