The ABC – This Census-Taker: First Discussion

First things first:
I have literally just walked back through my front door after a week of fieldwork just five minutes ago. This is the first time since what seems like forever that I’m near a hot shower, a bedroom that I’m not sharing, and food that wasn’t two soggy pieces of bread so closely smashed together that they scarcely can be said to even be two pieces anymore and which has the gall to masquerade itself as a sandwich.

In short, I’m tired. But I have still managed to log on in order to post this discussion for you because I’m a goddamn champion.

And I know what you’re thinking: wait a minute, Edmund – weren’t you supposed to be back yesterday?

The answer is yes. Well, that’s the short answer. The long answer is just an incomprehensible blood-curdling shriek punctuated periodically by bouts of maniacal laughter. And also some vomiting because Norovirus. Yep that’s right. Because everything is the actual worst.

Don’t take me wrong. Brú na Bóinne was every bit as spectacular as always, and I’m very glad that I went. It’s just that I really want to sleep now and also if any of you motherfuckers even mentions the word ‘megalithic’ or ‘core sample’ then I will murder you and toss your corpse down a hole in a cave.

And with that subtle transition: This Census-Taker! I don’t have a summary put together yet, because of the aforementioned misery, but I’m posting the discussion questions in the comments section and would invite all of y’all to start doing your thing! I’ll post the questions for the next and final reading selection tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ll just be lying here and praying for the sweet release of death.