This Wednesday Political Post The Working Class Realizes Trump Isn’t Working

In a typical day for the Trump administration, key players were fired via tweets while the media and country tried to make sense of Trump’s irrational decisions.

All the while, the Pennsylvania special election was looming in a district about to be redrawn for Gerrymandering because the past GOP pro-life office holder resigned for coercing his mistress into having an abortion. Trump won this district by + 20 in 2016. Although one wonders if fairly considering the gerrymandering complaint?

Rick Saccone, the GOP candidate ran a very Trump campaign. His opponent Conor Lamb ran a very conservative Democrat one. Honestly, if I had to pull out a distinct difference between their campaigns is even when chastised by Democrats, Lamb actually ran on his beliefs.

Saccone pulled a Moore or Gillespie…he imbibed what he thought people saw or liked in Trump and thought, “why not, me?”

The problem is someone’s else strategy is not necessarily a fit for you and Trump’s overall approval rating is 37-40%.

When a Hillary doesn’t exist, a distraction for conservatives to form an irrational river of hatred, what keeps them voting for a pretender imbibing a person that is not getting it done. The answer is not much.

The GOP lost the very people Trump successfully courted in 2016, has the coal dust worn off?