The Avocado’s Favorite Musical Film: Tournament Nominations

It’s time for a new tournament to rile up the blood help foster a sense of community and encourage healthy debate! Let’s put our craniums together and figure out…what is the best musical film ever produced on this mortal plane?

Some ground rules:

*It must be a feature film. No TV shows or stage productions, only ones meant to be experiences on the silvery shimmer of celluloid.

*It must be a musical primarily – no “musical sequences” in otherwise non-musical films, otherwise the scene in Southland Tales where dying Justin Timberlake mouths along to The Killers in a Silent Hill arcade would win in a landslide.

*The tournament will have either 32 or 64 slots depending on how many nominations we get in this thread. Just list which film you wish to nominate in the comments, and the top voted nominations will be awarded one of the coveted positions in the final tournament.


Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche